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Guide for Dog Crates

dog crate

Generally, it has been believed that crating any animal is cruel while it does not. Crate training could help the dog to found his own personal space while the owners are busy to do their own work. That’s why there are dog crates and at one point all owners need these crates for their benefits and the benefits of the dog. Putting an adult or grown dog in the crate for the first time without any proper training is indeed cruel, so this should be avoided. That’s why crate training should be started at a very early age so that the dog becomes used to the crate and do not fear from it.

Like other training, there is proper training for the crating. Without crate training, you cannot put your dog in the crate. Like other training, this training required both the time and patience but with proper crate training, you can teach your dog to spend time in the crate.

Why is crate good for your dog?

Like a human, a dog also needs some time alone where they can enjoy their privacy. Especially, when a dog gets tired, they need to spend some time alone to retreat the stress and depression. That’s why a crate is no cruel for them at all. It can also help your dog in the bowl controlling, potty training and also kill the fear to live alone. Once your dog becomes used to the crate, he will ask you to put in it when there are lots of disturbance in the house due to guests, kids or for any other reason.

A dog likes to live alone at one point of their life. Especially when they become old, living alone could help them to treat many health issues which include stress, anxiety, and depression. By sitting in the crate alone, they feel more comfortable than getting disturbed in the crowd of the people.

Why is dog crate good for the owner?

You can’t be with your dog all the time. You need your own privacy and your time to enjoy peace of mind. The dog crate does not benefit the dogs only but their owners too.

How many times happens with you when you want to watch your favorite TV show but your dog is continuously disturbing you? I am sure that it has happened much time. With the help of a dog crate, you can teach your dog to spend some time alone and do his own things in the crate which could be sleeping and playing with the toys. At the meantime, you can enjoy your time alone too or your time with your family, lover or life partner etc without getting any disturbance from the dog.

Same like above, the dog can be aggressive when they see someone new in the house. This could be your special guests. To handle such type of situations, dog crates could help you a lot. You don’t need to put your dog in the crate every time but only when your dog creates a lot of disturbance, bother your guests and show over excitement. It is also safe for your dog especially when your guests have kids and there are lots of running in the house. By doing this, they won’t disturb or bother your dog too.

Crating also makes the traveling very easy for the dog owner. Today, the planes can allow you to travel with your dog only if your dog is in the crate. You can easily travel around the world along with your dog due to the crate. Also, you can use it as a security blanket when traveling in other transports like car, bus, and motorcycle etc.

How to purchase a perfect crate for a dog?

Purchasing a perfect crate for dog require very little effort, with that, you can come up with a perfect crate which provides comfort to the dog and easy for you to handle. You need to care about the following things when you are buying one:

Chose the right material:

The crates are available in different material including plastic and steel crates. You should choose the one which you believe is better. The steel crates are bit heavy but you can use them for very long period.

Know the size of your dog:

Make sure that you measure your dog completely from top to bottom and right to left. The crate should be at least 25% bigger than the size of your dog so that he can easily stand, sit and sleep there.

Look at the crate features:

Do not purchase multiple crates for an adult and puppy. There are refit crates are available in the market. You can adjust the size of the crate easily by using a partition. This will also save you some money. Also, make sure that the crate has a smooth surface so that your dog can rest with comfort.