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Tips For Owners In Choosing A Puppy’s Diet


The addition of a new puppy to your family is a fun and exciting time. In order to give your new family member a long and happy life, it is essential that you choose a good diet for him. If you already have pets, you might be tempted to just feed the puppy the adult dog food you already have, but you should not. It is important that you check with your vet regarding the proper diet. Remember puppies have special dietary needs that adult dogs do not have.

There are several options that can meet the puppy’s nutritional needs. In recent years, the number of organic or natural puppy diets have increased dramatically. A raw diet is another option some pet owners prefer for the new puppy. However, most choose kibble as a convenient option for the primary component of their dog’s daily diet. Therefore, in discussing a new puppy diet, this article is focused primarily on the options in kibble.

For the first few weeks of the puppy’s life, mother’s milk provides all his nutritional needs; but when it is weaning time, you should select a high-quality puppy kibble with tiny pieces. The food you select should provide all the essential vitamins to provide proper nutrition for his growth. New puppies need food three to four times daily. Moisten the kibble with water to make it easier for him to eat. Avoid adding milk to the puppy food. Milk has a laxative effect on the puppy’s digestive system. Water makes the kibble more palatable for the weaning puppy.

As your new puppy grows and adjusts to the diet of kibble in his daily life, you should decrease the water you add to the food. If your plans include dry dog food for the future, transitioning early to dry kibble is the best option. If you continue moistening his food for several weeks, the transition to dry food only becomes more difficult. By the time puppies reach six weeks of age, their diet can be solid kibble and they are weaned from the mother.

As you begin the weaning process, it is important to provide all the kibble he wants. Be sure to refresh the food in the dish regularly for the puppy. Once he reaches five months, you can decrease from three to four daily feedings to just two. At this age, it is important to determine the specific quantity of kibble that is appropriate to meet your dog’s daily nutritional needs to ensure he has a healthy diet and maintains a healthy weight.

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Some Out Of The Way Tips To Take Care Of New Born Kittens

new-born-kittens-careIt’s always a nice experience to welcome new members in the house, especially if the new members are little kittens, who have just been given birth by the pet cat. No matter how interesting and exciting it may feel, the ground reality remains that the little fur balls need some extra care and so does the mother cat. Mere feeding them from time to time may not suffice, as these little ones need something more than mere care.

Be cautious about moving the mother cat or the kittens

The first two days are very crucial for the mother cat to develop a bond with her new born kittens. Hence it is very important that they are not at all disturbed by any means during the first 48 hours or so. In case the mother cat is moved away from the kittens during these initial hours, she may disown them, which will create a lot of hassles for the little kittens. Instead, it is best to give them a quiet place to settle down initially. This quiet place could be a cardboard box or a small corner around the balcony.

Care has to be taken that the mother cat does not have to move away from the little kittens during the first week. It is,hence, required that food supplies, water supplies and an automatic cat litter box, are allkept in close proximity to the mother cat so that she does not have to move away from her kittens even for a minute. In case these are not arranged properly and in close proximity to the mother cat, she would rather prefer to starve than move away from her little ones, thereby inviting health threats for the mother cat.

Let the mother be the mother

While you would keep an automatic cat litter boxin the room for the cat family, you need to understand that it would only be used by the mother cat. As a matter of fact, the young ones would not be able to urinate or excrete by themselves during the initial few days and weeks, even if you purchase a litter box for multiple cats. You have to allow the mother cat to take care of these basic necessities of her little ones. She will have to lick the bottoms of the kittens to make them eliminate. At the same time, it is the mother cat that has to nurse all her kittens equally. There is a possibility that among the crowd of three or four kittens, one poor soul would get pushed away by its siblings and would be deprived from the nursing of its mother. There you can hop in and make space for the little poor kitten so that it also gets equal opportunity to get nursed by the mother.

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How to choose the breed of dog

choisir-la-race-de-son-chien-03It is very important to choose a dog breed according to the personality of the future master and lifestyle, not only based on physical criteria or fashion. This is the only way to acquire an animal relationships will be balanced and harmonious, and who will be pleased to your contact.

Lightning strikes sometimes lead to the purchase of a puppy, an adult, does not correspond at all to master, or that it is waiting for the dog. The separation is no longer possible, life with dogs is only a set of constraints that the teacher tries to manage at best. But neither is fun to live with each other, which is unfortunate as part of the acquisition of a pet dog, which should be easy to live and beautify your days.

Set your lifestyle (housing, working time and availability for your dog, Finance, holiday fashion …), then try to determine your face personality to a dog, that is to say, your attitude and mode education (rather authoritarian, calm, indifferent …).

But in an important step, reason must prevail above all. Being happy with his dog, so this is, above all, choose well. For this, we must know perfectly.
The 7 criteria to consider:

1. Your home
– In the city or in the countryside
– House or flat
– With or without adjacent neighbors

2. Your family situation
– Single or married life
– With or without children

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Choose a dog


It’s decided you want to buy a dog? Find out how to choose the right dog: questions to ask before buying, the criteria for selecting the different breeds of dogs, but also the procedures and how to prepare for the arrival of the puppy home.

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How to wean your pet from harmful habits?


Pets, be it a cat, dog, hamster or parrot, of course, are a source of joy and good humor. But there are times when a cute little animal‘s heart begins to deliver his master certain inconveniences. How many pairs of shoes were torn to pieces by a puppy during teething? How many meters wallpaper suffered from growing claws kitten? And sometimes, as adults reared animals begin to “kink”. How can re-home wrecker?

The first way, “Crime and Punishment.” Effective only if the punishment should be immediately after the offense. Animals do not see the cause-effect relationships and can not draw far-reaching conclusions. When he came home from work in the evening, you find a broken flower pot, scold kitten to no avail! He had long forgotten about the ill-fated ficus. The purpose of instant punishment – to develop a conditioned reflex. As Pavlov, remember? It’s when you push this button, but the man in the white coat immediately runs to you with a banana!”

The second way, The Mousetrap”. If you are a busy man, and most of the day at home are out, while your animals are forced to languish in the four walls, you sometimes difficult to keep track of their behavior. In this case, to the aid of the so-called “traps.” If the puppy steals food from the table, erecting nearby shaky structure of the “explosive“, but not dangerous items, such as caps on the pans. Bing incident caps deter thieves and permanently wean become paws on the table. As you know, there is also produced a conditioned reflex, but without your direct involvement. Figuratively speaking, the bully realizes “heavenly punishment.”

The third way, “Do not tempt me needlessly.” You can read the full owner of the house, to train and educate their pets, but in fact it is a mutual process. Slowly, imperceptibly animals too are trained” their masters. For example, are taught not to leave slippers middle of the corridor, do not throw clothes on a chair, and a half-eaten breakfast on the table. Sometimes it is necessary to make concessions and change their own behavior, especially if it is a change in the direction of accuracy and discipline.