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What vegetarian pet food?


Many are interested in this question. After all, we’ve learned that dogs and cats eat food of animal origin. And buy his favorite meat for vegetarians and servant – is to give money to support that industry, against which it stands. How to find a compromise?

And how often in nature, without the help of man, dog and cat eat pork, beef, fish? Maybe it’s not quite naturally translate to pet food plant, but life within the four walls is something unnatural for little animals.

You can, of course, keep the house rabbits and hamsters do not worry about the ethics of choice for animal feed.

In dogs, the metabolism is designed in such a way that allows them to plant food to get all the necessary range of useful and necessary for the life of substances. Dogs are omnivores. In some cases, doctors even recommend translate dogs on vegetable food (severe cases of allergies).

Cats are arranged somewhat differently. Necessary for the life and health of the animal, beta-carotene is not absorbed from plant foods. They also receive less important for them to taurine and omega-6, which contained only in animal foods. This is because, unlike dogs, cats – carnivore.

At the moment, there are vegetable food, to which was added synthesized in laboratories important components. And plant base feed enriched with these substances. Therefore, animals can eat plant foods and not be at risk of ill health and well-being.