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How Pets Can Save You From Stress

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Imagine coming home after a long tiring day only to be greeted with wet, sloppy kisses. Just a mere thought of this instance fires your dopamine level sky-high, doesn’t it? For pet lovers this is one of the highlight from their day, after all it is incredibly comforting. Not to mention many people believe that interacting with pets is the ultimate antidote for a stressful day.

Factually speaking, a study was conducted to observe people under stressful tasks in different situations. In the first situation people were placed alone, in the second they were accompanied by their spouse, in the third one with their pet and lastly they were tested in the company of their spouse and pet.

Guess what? The result of study reports revealed that the individuals experienced the lowest level of stress and the quickest recovery in the situation where they were accompanied only by their pet.

The chaos of the everyday schedule pushes you to over exert yourself and during such situations, even a brief encounter with pets can create improvements. The stronger is the bond between the pet and its owner, the more impactful their interaction will be and greater is the stress relief.

Don’t believe it? Then you must read this article. It is written with the intention of showing the reader how pets free us from the clutches of stress.

Decrease In Blood Pressure

The rise in blood pressure is one of the physical symptoms of stress and studies prove that being surrounded by pets decreases it. This is declared on basis of the research work done by Dr. Beck. Initially he practiced and reported that petting a dog or cat lowers a person’s blood pressure reading. Later, the theory was practiced again and proved to be positive, as the findings reported to be successful on other animals as well.

Now, not everyone is fond of pets and there are people who are literally scared of approaching them. Well, it is proven that just watching animals from afar has the same effect; you see there is no need to touch them. Watching fishes in the aquarium is the perfect evidence to prove the effect.

Reason To Incorporate Exercise In Your Routine

Pets give you a reason to exercise, especially dog owners. Pet owners get to exercise more and we all know how it is a highly recommended measure, to deal with stress. Depression and long time stress can be diminished with regular exercising, which works wonders for your physical and mental health. Regular exercising or at least working out for five days in a week keeps you physically fit, energetic and happy due to the ‘feel good hormone’ your brain releases post workout.

Dr. Beck’s research shows how dog owners walk more often and get the necessary exercise every day. After all, you might not always have the motivation to hit gym daily, but your pet is reason enough for you to slip into those pair of walking shoes and do so erunning with dogvery day. The feeling of responsibility towards your dog is often more motivating and will keep you going for a long time. It’s like having a fun hour everyday along with your four legged friend.

Pushes The Loneliness Away

It’s very rare to come across pet owners who whine about their loneliness. Now, we all have experienced the feeling of loneliness at some point in our lives and it is indeed the common source of stress. Luckily, if you are someone who owns a pet, then it is likely that you might feel this emotion rarely or may be never. This is just because pets provide you with comfort, companionship and make their presence felt.

Most of the pets encourage friendly interactions which is why we perceive a person with an animal to be more approachable. If you are walking around with your well groomed dog or pretty cat it would be normal for people to approach you and start a conversation over pets and similar interests.

Pets Have A Hold Over Our Reactions

petting dogEvery time you are stressed out, your reaction to the nerve-racking situation is influenced and you are likely to be irritated, angry or panicked. Stress has a way to heighten your emotions and an impact on your usually calculative decisions. So, a research was conducted to see whether or not a pet be of help in stressful situations and guess what? It has been proved that pets decrease our reactions to stressful situations.

The study proving the benefits of pets in stressful scenarios conducted a simple test where they studied the subject’s reaction when doing a mental arithmetic task in front of their pet and spouse. The results showed that in the presence of their pet there was a lower increase in blood pressure and heart rate as compared to doing it in front of their spouse, which made it even more stressful. Maybe this is also why many doctors mostly have a fish tank in their clinics, as watching fishes beforehand reduces the stress of undergoing health checkups procedure.

Pets Let You Enjoy In The Moment

Anyone who deals with stress might have noticed that it is simply about bemoaning the past and worrying about the future. Just imagine your goofy little Fido running behind you with an equally goofy grin on his face, now how can you not just be in the moment and enjoy?

Millennials have this awful habit of constantly using their phone even when they are with their friends and family. But pets help you be in the moment, as they’re constantly asking your undivided attention. Staying in the present is essential, because only then will you be able to focus on the task at hand and give your 100%.

Being focused helps you keep your attention on the present and reduces stress. So why not put your phone away and go for a meditative walk or indulge into a vigorous game of fetch and interact with your pet? This will certainly help you keep the focus on the present situation.

Pets Make Their Presence Felt

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Pets are known to fulfil our need for touch, which we find comforting and they feel the same way about it. For instance, grooming a horse is a relaxing experience for both the owner and the pet. At first when you touch an animal, there is a certain level of excitement but later on, your heart rate slowly goes down allowing you to feel relaxed. In addition to this, pets are not only great at making their presence felt, but also at supporting the feelings that make you more resilient at dealing with stress. Lastly, they help you smile and laugh!

Pets have various positive impacts on our lives right from reducing the stress level to boosting our self-esteem. In fact, with pets in your life, be ready to say goodbye to feeling lonely. If you do not already have a pet, then we’d suggest you to hurry up and get one. Choose a pet that best suits your personality, as they require regular grooming, feeding, care and attention in exchange of their wonderful companionship.