, , (Dog)
United States
Nicknames: tinkers,tinky,tinker-sol-ran,tinker bell,stinky,stinky-winky,cola-loca
Best tricks: sit and laydown sometimes rollover when she wants to
Worst tricks: give me paw
Name story: Her original name was Pinky because she was so small like a pinky, we wanted to change it so we did tinky! It fits her perfect!
Favorite moments: hah. My grandma hates when she comes on the couch with me to sleep and when my grandma leaves she comes and begs to come on the couch and my grandma comes back and she runs to her bed.
Embarassing moments: not sure she has any
Worst moments: not sure she has any
Likes: anything and i mean it. [:
Dislikes: nothing...
Favorite activity: sleeping
Favorite food: everything. mostly chicken,turkey,pork..