4 yrs, male, gatto comune (Cat)
Nicknames: cicino, micione, puffetto
Weight: 5 kg
Bio: Me I have given August 18 the owners of a farm, have noticed what I had affezzionata this kitten!
Character: cuddly, sleepy but also lively, docile, friendly, wary of strangers, glutton
Peculiar marks: two specks on the front legs, and on the rear has two "socks" white:-D
Best tricks: it has no intention to learn!
Worst tricks: ambushes to blows
Name story: the name was chosen by her aunt, in the beginning was "Cicia," but then we realized of 'error and changed the final -D
Favorite moments: too many to tell you all
Embarassing moments: needs in the wrong place at the wrong time!
Worst moments: when he met another male cat, it was really intractable ...
Likes: croquettes, look around and get to cuddle
Dislikes: the bitter fruits, the 'vacuum cleaner and nervous people
Favorite activity: look around and hunt animals
Favorite food: canned and dry food, but only those fine (it's a cat sophisticated XD)