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United States
Nicknames: Bobby, Boo
Weight: Around 10 lbs.
Bio: Bob was adopted from a farm out in Carlisle, IA, in June 2007 as the runt of the litter. He's grown so much you'd never guess it now. He is approximately 7 months old.
Character: Lots of personality and charm, great with the ladies, very guy-guy attitude with a tendency toward being aggressive at times, but overall he's a momma's-baby.
Peculiar marks: A black dot under his lower lip. The white fur in that area is turning beige over time.
Best tricks: Fetches the toy mouse and brings it back, just as good as any dog!
Worst tricks: Attempting to trip mom (me) every time I walk past his food dish.
Likes: Canned food, toy mice, scratching the new sofa, wrestling with the rat, antagonizing the mouse, car rides, and drinking all of the betta water.
Dislikes: Katz-n-Flocken Solid Gold dry food, vacuum cleaners, neglected litter boxes, the squirt bottle,
Favorite activity: Playing fetch with mom's friends, meeting new animal friends for play-dates, rough-housing with the rat, jumping in piles of plastic bags, watching the outdoors through the window.
Favorite food: Natural Balance dry food and any canned food.