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How to Understand What Your Dog is Telling You

scared dog

Humans communicate with each other in multiple ways. We use language, hand gestures, facial expressions and even our eyes to express our feelings. You can detect the happiness, grief or sadness on a stranger’s face as well merely by their expressions or body language.

The bond we dog-parents share with our furry companions is indeed unique. It takes time to build communication and understanding since we don’t speak their language but it isn’t impossible to be able to understand your pup.

As first-time pet-parents, you may be clueless right now about what your dog is trying to explain. You may wonder if there is any possible way for your pooch to tell you how he feels, well keep reading as there are secrets disclosed ahead.

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How to Trim a Dog’s Nails

how to clip dog's nails

Nail trimming is one owner expense that can easily be avoided and performed in the comfort of a dog’s own home. Unlike humans, most dogs do not enjoy receiving a pedicure, especially from a stranger. Many dogs are more comfortable when their owners perform the trimming, yet many owners are uncomfortable with the task. The following is a guide on the type of nail trimmers available, and the proper way to clip a dog’s nails.

A dog should have his or her nails trimmed when the nails first start to touch the floor. Therefore, if you can hear your dog clicking and clacking across the hardwood floor, the nails are too long. A natural way to keep your dog’s nails from becoming overgrown is by going for regular walks on cement; the rough surface will grind down the nails naturally. However, for dogs used to soft surfaces or those that are light on their feet, regular trimmings are necessary.

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10 Best Guard Dogs to Have

A guard dog, as the name suggests, is used to guard against unexpected people or animals. In case you are considering buying a dog to protect your family or property. There are many dogs, which have the natural ability to act as guard dogs. They are fearless, alert, quite responsive to the training and loyal.

Choose a dog that will become both your companion and protector. Being obedient, displaying sense of loyalty towards your family and showing some instinctual protective behavior are signs of a good guard dog. Training your dog adequately will help develop and intensify the protective trait of a guard dog.

With proper training and certain qualities almost any dog breed can become an effective protector. However, there are few dog breeds that make good guard dogs. They have possessed these guard dog traits, due to careful breeding over years.

So, we have put together a list of these breeds that have a natural ability to protect…

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3 Things To Consider When Caring For Your Older Pooch

old dog

Bringing a new puppy into the family is such an exciting and joyous time. Their level of excitement and enthusiasm is so contagious, their playful, friendly nature puts a smile on your face and makes you forget about all the negative things that happened throughout the day. But the puppy stage doesn’t last forever.

My two pooches are now older in age and though they are much calmer now and don’t have quite the same adrenaline they once did, I love them more today than I ever have! As each day passes, I want to make sure that they count for them. I make sure to enjoy our cuddles, our play times, our walks, and our even our naps. With this age comes a new set of responsibilities.

To make sure I keep them as healthy as I can, here are 3 health areas to consider when caring for your senior dog(s).

Feed your dog a nutritious diet

Getting your dog a good, nutritious meal is probably the most important thing you can do to keep your dog strong and healthy. As dogs age, they undergo several physical changes that they cannot control.

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4 Amazing Benefits of CBD for Dogs

Having a dog is always a wonderful experience. They make great family members and we would do anything to make them healthy and happy. But dogs, like all other pets, can be prone to genetic and other illnesses. So, what if we tell you there is one thing you can give your dog that will keep your dog in complete balance.

That one magical substance is called cannabidiol, or better known as CBD. In fact, it’s a marijuana product but without any psychoactive effects. The thing with CBD is that it’s produced from industrial legal hemp, which is also what makes it perfectly safe and for use.

CBD has a lot of benefits for humans, and as it turns out, for dogs as well. Here are all the health benefits of CBD for dogs. Check out this informative infographic.