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How to Wean Your Pet from Harmful Habits?


Pets, be it a cat, dog, hamster or parrot, of course, are a source of joy and good humor. But there are times when a cute little animal‘s heart begins to deliver his master certain inconveniences. How many pairs of shoes were torn to pieces by a puppy during teething? How many meters wallpaper suffered from growing claws kitten? And sometimes, as adults reared animals begin to “kink”. How can re-home wrecker?

1st, “Crime and Punishment

Effective only if the punishment should be immediately after the offense. Animals do not see the cause-effect relationships and can not draw far-reaching conclusions. When he came home from work in the evening, you find a broken flower pot, scold kitten to no avail! He had long forgotten about the ill-fated ficus. The purpose of instant punishment – to develop a conditioned reflex. As Pavlov, remember? It’s when you push this button, but the man in the white coat immediately runs to you with a banana!”

2nd, “The Mousetrap”

If you are a busy man, and most of the day at home are out, while your animals are forced to languish in the four walls, you sometimes difficult to keep track of their behavior. In this case, to the aid of the so-called “traps.” If the puppy steals food from the table, erecting nearby shaky structure of the “explosive“, but not dangerous items, such as caps on the pans. Bing incident caps deter thieves and permanently wean become paws on the table. As you know, there is also produced a conditioned reflex, but without your direct involvement. Figuratively speaking, the bully realizes “heavenly punishment.”

3rd, “Do not tempt me needlessly

You can read the full owner of the house, to train and educate their pets, but in fact it is a mutual process. Slowly, imperceptibly animals too are trained” their masters. For example, are taught not to leave slippers middle of the corridor, do not throw clothes on a chair, and a half-eaten breakfast on the table. Sometimes it is necessary to make concessions and change their own behavior, especially if it is a change in the direction of accuracy and discipline.

4th, “Feedback”

From my perspective, this is the correct and effective method. And he is to pay your pet enough attention and love. After all, for this people and give birth to four-legged friends! Often, exhausted the day, the owners forget about their pets, so they try to remind myself by any means – though and destructive actions. Play with your kitten at least an hour before going to bed, get up early and take a walk with plenty of puppy it is likely that the ugliness stop themselves in the house and there will be peace.

Of course, this article is not complete and comprehensive guide to raising pets. These are just the basics, and if you want to achieve mutual understanding with your pet – Learn his habits, read books, consult with experts. Patience and love to you and your pets a long and happy life!