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Hotels animals for dogs and cats – how to choose?


Accommodation for pets one of the main tasks is to ensure the safety of guests. In the hotel only healthy animals. Settling in the hotel held a mandatory inspection of animal veterinarian.

Parting with Pets

Every owner of a dog or cat at least sometimes, but faced with the need of temporary parting with your four-legged friend – almost all have a vacation or a business trip, repairs in the apartment or holiday feast, and someone in the family appears little baby and the first time is not to walks with the dog. As mistress of two dogs and the creator of one of the oldest hotels in Moscow for animals “Ganhor” I know firsthand the problem of choice of the hotel, and I would like to share their experiences and talk about over-exposed animals in general and about the nuances in the hotels for animals that will help you make your choice.

To date, for owners of dogs and cats that are interested in the services of temporary maintenance and care of their animals, there are several options overexposure.

Help from Friends

First of all – it’s proven over the years help from relatives or friends who are genuinely willing and able to look after your pet. If your pet knows and loves this man, perhaps – is one of the best options for overexposure. Add to this, that you will most likely still be able to save their money.

However, not all are able and willing to seek help from relatives, so most owners of dogs and cats have to use the services of third-party organizations or private entrepreneurs.

In Moscow, today, many people are engaged in overexposure of dogs and cats in their homes or in private homes. Here you can find both retired amateur and professional dog handlers. But choose the “privateers” stands with extreme caution, since most allowed by “word of honor” and, in fact, control the work of these people is not possible. Leaving animal unfamiliar person and not filling out any papers, you run the risk of running into an amateur who can “forget” to feed your cat, or simply can not cope with a dog in the street. And it is, at best, at worst you can not see all of your pet.

In addition, quite often the “privateers” in the same apartment are several animals, what you learn only to return. Of course, it is worth to mention that in the environment and private overexposure are professionals in their field, but such people usually turn on the recommendation in advance, and prices for their services comparable to zoogostinichnymi. If you still do not have reliable people ready to take care of your animal, the most logical way – is to look for a hotel for animals.