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Fun facts about cats


You ailurophile (the person who loves cats)? If so, you already have to know a lot about these amazing creatures, as well as to have a cat. Read on to check whether you know these fun facts about your favorite pets.

It’s such a warm feeling when your cat greets you at the door when you get home from work, and then collapses around you, when you finally settle on the couch! This association between cats and man dates back to ancient Egypt, when people worshiped the goddess Bastet -koshke-house.

Cats are obedient and playful at the same time. Their high level of energy is often caused by the fact that they perform different tricks that makes us melt. You can find them frolicking in the garden in a vain attempt to catch a butterfly or a constant struggle of trying to free themselves from the rolls of yarn in which they are entangled. Regardless of the situation, funny cats, and we all love them very much!

Fun facts about cats

Group of cats is called Klauder, while a group of kittens is called Kindle.
Cats love heights. However, a cat named Mincho in Argentina took this love to the extreme when she climbed a tree and refused to come down until she lived. She spent six years on the tree and gave birth to three litters! Think about the male-loving trees that are the fathers of her kittens.

When a cat wags its tail, it is preoccupied with internal conflicts. For example, it may be the reflection of what your cat wants to go outside, but can not, because the rain. You can not imagine the dilemma of your cat when she is torn between a desire to tinker in the garden in the street and aversion to soiling wool.

You can often see that the kittens are trying to climb the legs of their respective owners. Although the owner does not feel much pain from the sharp claws, kittens think that the foot – is the trunk of the tree, and they may scratch and climb.
Do you have a kitten, which is worn around the house like a rocket, overthrowing everything that comes his way? It’s almost like having a house a herd of wild animals in a stampede. Kitten – a hyperactive creature, which is boring and needs to release its energy. Try to make toys that will enthrall him.

Tauzeru Scotland

Cats – experienced hunters and trophies for this feat belongs Tauzeru Scotland. He was entrusted with the responsibility of “solemn” protect his town from rodents; this cat killed 28,899 mice for 21 years of service.
The number of heart beats cat is from 110 to 140 times per minute. This is almost two times faster than the human heart.
The surface of the nose cat is unique to each cat. It’s like a human fingerprint.

Cat for life can give birth to more than 100 kittens. Persian cat in South Africa named Bluebell holds the record for the greatest number in the birth of kittens at a time, all of whom survived. Her record was 14 kittens.
Cats are very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. They spend 30% of their waking hours to care for themselves.

After a day of no surprise that a cat to sleep 16 hours a day! For example, a seven-year kitten had only 2 years of his life in the wake. Kittens are known to start sleeping a week after birth. We can not blame our cats is that they love to sleep!
In the market there is no cat food food with flavor mouse as cats, where such food was tested refused to eat it.
It is believed that the ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows in mourning when their cats died.

Each year, Americans spend about $ 4 billion on food for cats. That’s more than they spend on baby food! Of course, we love our animals.

Cats are independent and funny creatures that are excellent pets for people. They are friendly and affectionate, and are known to be able to understand the mood of its owner. Although sometimes they may require a cozy inglenook, they will always be there when you feel bad.