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Choose a dog


It’s decided you want to buy a dog? Find out how to choose the right dog: questions to ask before buying, the criteria for selecting the different breeds of dogs, but also the procedures and how to prepare for the arrival of the puppy home.

Dog Breeds

How to choose the breed of dog

Dog breed or without pedigree?

8 criteria to choose the breed of dog

Choosing your dog according to his psychological qualities

Classification FCI breeds
Dog Confirmation: the steps to take
Criteria for Choosing a Dog
Tips before buying a dog
Adopt a puppy, an important decision

How to adopt a dog?

Dog Breeding

Questions to ask the dog breeder
How to choose a healthy puppy?
Choose a puppy of good character
Better choose a puppy with the Test Campbell
The test of imprinting for the puppy
The ideal age to buy a puppy
And if I opted for a puppy (5-12 months)
And if I opted for an adult dog (over 12 months)
Choose a male or female dog?

Dog allergies

Dog for a child?
Dog and child: a special relationship
Dog and child precautions
Dog and child: which dog to choose?
How to choose a lapdog?
Constraints and nature of apartment dogs
36 classified apartment dog breeds to choose better

Buying a Dog

Where to buy a dog?
A dog, how much does it cost?
Buying a puppy: the formalities and paper
Dog identification tattoo or microchip
How to be sure of the age of the puppy you buy?
What is the human age of the dog?
Buying a puppy: what to do in case of problems
Rights and duties of dog handler
Insurance for my dog?
Liability insurance for your pet
Preparing for the arrival of the dog
Preparing for the arrival of the puppy home
The first days with your puppy
Dog House: well choose
Collar: well choose
Dog coin: what use?

Dog accessories a must

Dog toys
Dog clothes: the futile to the useful
Dog Bed
Dog Trash: for naps naked!
Dog Bed: a comfortable layer