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Some Out Of The Way Tips To Take Care Of New Born Kittens

new-born-kittens-careIt’s always a nice experience to welcome new members in the house, especially if the new members are little kittens, who have just been given birth by the pet cat. No matter how interesting and exciting it may feel, the ground reality remains that the little fur balls need some extra care and so does the mother cat. Mere feeding them from time to time may not suffice, as these little ones need something more than mere care. Continue reading


Choose a dog


It’s decided you want to buy a dog? Find out how to choose the right dog: questions to ask before buying, the criteria for selecting the different breeds of dogs, but also the procedures and how to prepare for the arrival of the puppy home.

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Preparing for the arrival of the puppy home
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Hotels animals for dogs and cats – how to choose?

560501-5006x3448Accommodation for pets one of the main tasks is to ensure the safety of guests. In the hotel only healthy animals. Settling in the hotel held a mandatory inspection of animal veterinarian.

Every owner of a dog or cat at least sometimes, but faced with the need of temporary parting with your four-legged friend – almost all have a vacation or a business trip, repairs in the apartment or holiday feast, and someone in the family appears little baby and the first time is not to walks with the dog. As mistress of two dogs and the creator of one of the oldest hotels in Moscow for animals “Ganhor” I know firsthand the problem of choice of the hotel, and I would like to share their experiences and talk about over-exposed animals in general and about the nuances in the hotels for animals that will help you make your choice.

To date, for owners of dogs and cats that are interested in the services of temporary maintenance and care of their animals, there are several options overexposure.

First of all – it’s proven over the years help from relatives or friends who are genuinely willing and able to look after your pet. If your pet knows and loves this man, perhaps – is one of the best options for overexposure. Add to this, that you will most likely still be able to save their money.

However, not all are able and willing to seek help from relatives, so most owners of dogs and cats have to use the services of third-party organizations or private entrepreneurs.

In Moscow, today, many people are engaged in overexposure of dogs and cats in their homes or in private homes. Here you can find both retired amateur and professional dog handlers. But choose the “privateers” stands with extreme caution, since most allowed by “word of honor” and, in fact, control the work of these people is not possible. Leaving animal unfamiliar person and not filling out any papers, you run the risk of running into an amateur who can “forget” to feed your cat, or simply can not cope with a dog in the street. And it is, at best, at worst you can not see all of your pet. In addition, quite often the “privateers” in the same apartment are several animals, what you learn only to return. Of course, it is worth to mention that in the environment and private overexposure are professionals in their field, but such people usually turn on the recommendation in advance, and prices for their services comparable to zoogostinichnymi. If you still do not have reliable people ready to take care of your animal, the most logical way – is to look for a hotel for animals.



Are the animals to heal?


Despite the fact that several years ago the question of treatment using positive communication with animals would be called crazy and would not pay attention to him, now it should be said that these techniques are used extensively and scientists are constantly discovering that yesterday were confident that this technique is much less effective, what is said about the current studies. The studies themselves are becoming more complex, the better and more interesting that attracts these experiments more and more scientists, suggests an increasing number of interesting achievements and discoveries.
Now this research takes a lot of time, effort and money. To study this area there are plenty of really good people. We can not say that the work is carried out efficiently especially something absolutely always and we hope that the information will be more and more of the really interesting opportunities in this business. Please note that recently in Moscow experiment was conducted with dogs Husky, who came from Siberia along with his dog breeders. Such examples are not only a large number – this number continues to grow rapidly chic. Here, in a completely mandatory, you must add a story about cats that help children cope with psychological disorders, developmental delays. That there is only one famous story of the United States, according to which a child who could not begin to say coped with his illness was trying to explain something to a cat, which he considers his best friend. Each of these amazing examples will be new and new steps to ensure that we can cope with psychological disorders at different levels. We are talking about the fact that in most cases, contact with animals turns incredible release of positive emotions, the body itself begins to grasp better for their health.
It is known that all diseases are associated with weakness even immunity, and an unstable situation with human nerves. It was nerve overload or weakness lead to crashes, which, given the complexity of the structure of the human body, it is difficult and often impossible to control. At the same time, there are a large number of professionals who no longer rest on the desire to treat people only pills and operations, noted the possibility of treatment with the help of animals. Opportunities for research are now just a huge – let’s hope that this work will be used as a lot of good data. We can not say that with this so easily handles absolutely everyone, but we have to admit – there is room for growth to be proud of. Note though at how easily cope with the creation of a positive image and a generator of positive emotions are the same cat. Basically, here you must include all animals which, according to human notions about it, have a nice and friendly appearance. These animals have a really large number, and it is recognized that the experiments in the right direction can last for many years.
In fact, not all people are to these data it is true that, of course, a very big mistake, in fact, we are talking about the need to use a lot of opportunities to psychological illness of your loved ones, if any the place to be turned around the possibility of treatment in any way. There is evidence for the treatment of animals by means that do not just wear some formal, and become part of numerous scientific papers, become part of the serious medical research. Opportunities for a large number of useful data are a variety, because to use them all absolutely need. Above this area will continue to operate a large number of professionals and there is no doubt that this work will be interesting, high-quality, bringing only real practical benefits.


Hyperadrenocorticism in ferrets


Ferrets are becoming more and more popular, and all owners of ferrets must know what is hyperadrenocorticism.

Hyperadrenocorticism is one of the most common reasons for visits to the vet. This disease is usually observed in ferrets aged from one to seven, but most often in the ferret, which is at least three years. If you see signs of illness, you should be able to overcome the problem before it progresses too far. This article will give you an introduction to what is causing hyperadrenocorticism, its signs and some potential ways of treatment.

Hyperadrenocorticism simply means one part of the expansion of the adrenal glands. The adrenal glands are responsible for production of many hormones including epinephrine, cortisol (“stress hormones”), and sex hormones (estrogen and testosterone). It is believed that the onset of symptoms in ferrets caused by increase of the number of cells producing hormones, and then increasing the amount of sex hormones in the body.

Do not confuse this disease with hyperadrenocorticism in dogs, cats or humans. In dogs, cats and human disease called “Cushing’s” and causes an increase in cortisol levels, not sex hormones. Thus, ferrets hyperadrenocorticism greatly different even if the same name is!

There are two reasons for increasing the adrenal glands: a simple enlargement of the prostate, or cancer of the prostate. Fortunately, prostate cancer is quite rare. The reasons for the expansion of the adrenal glands are not known, although research indicates several potential situations that could lead to an expansion. Possible influencing factors include genetics, prolonged periods of light, and early spaying / neutering. Also hyperadrenocorticism ferrets can be more likely insulinoma (insulin cancer cells) than in healthy ferrets.

The most striking feature of hyperadrenocorticism in ferrets is hair loss. This hair loss usually begins near the tail and moving forward on the stomach and back. Your ferret may or may not be itchy. Other possible symptoms include lethargy (tiredness) and muscle atrophy. Such a ferret will decrease muscle mass and may pucker on his belly, as the abdominal muscles begin to weaken. Moreover, very often in female ferrets observed swelling of the vulva. No reasons due to sterilize ferret with a swollen vulva. Male ferrets can become more aggressive and sexual behavior to express.

If your ferret diagnosis of hyperadrenocorticism, you have several options. This disease is not fatal, and your ferret can really survive without treatment. However, keep in mind that it will gradually become more and more painful and uncomfortable, because the symptoms will worsen. You may have to deal with other problems caused by the disease. You and your veterinarian can decide about medical treatment of the disease. Medicine aims and kills cells of the adrenal cortex, to significantly reduce the size of the prostate. The third main method of treatment – surgery. Removal of the adrenal (two glands in the body, and after the operation will be one normal body iron) is the most common solution. As a rule, it’s just surgery, but it is more complicated if struck right and not the left, nadpochechnik.Esli your ferret exhibits any of the above symptoms, you should take him to the vet. Although these symptoms, especially hair loss, are classic hyperadrenocorticism, any of these symptoms may indicate a variety of other issues that also need to be considered.

If you will quickly begin treatment of this disease, many of the symptoms may be reversible, and it is likely that your ferret will live a long and happy life. There is a low risk that this problem persists after treatment. Therefore, the owners of ferrets should be aware of this possibility, as with age in their ferret can develop hyperadrenocorticism. If you recognize the symptoms (such as hair loss), you and your veterinarian will have more possibilities of surgical treatment of your ferret !


Fun facts about cats


You ailurophile (the person who loves cats)? If so, you already have to know a lot about these amazing creatures, as well as to have a cat. Read on to check whether you know these fun facts about your favorite pets.

It’s such a warm feeling when your cat greets you at the door when you get home from work, and then collapses around you, when you finally settle on the couch! This association between cats and man dates back to ancient Egypt, when people worshiped the goddess Bastet -koshke-house.

Cats are obedient and playful at the same time. Their high level of energy is often caused by the fact that they perform different tricks that makes us melt. You can find them frolicking in the garden in a vain attempt to catch a butterfly or a constant struggle of trying to free themselves from the rolls of yarn in which they are entangled. Regardless of the situation, funny cats, and we all love them very much!

Fun facts about cats

Group of cats is called Klauder, while a group of kittens is called Kindle.
Cats love heights. However, a cat named Mincho in Argentina took this love to the extreme when she climbed a tree and refused to come down until she lived. She spent six years on the tree and gave birth to three litters! Think about the male-loving trees that are the fathers of her kittens.
When a cat wags its tail, it is preoccupied with internal conflicts. For example, it may be the reflection of what your cat wants to go outside, but can not, because the rain. You can not imagine the dilemma of your cat when she is torn between a desire to tinker in the garden in the street and aversion to soiling wool.
You can often see that the kittens are trying to climb the legs of their respective owners. Although the owner does not feel much pain from the sharp claws, kittens think that the foot – is the trunk of the tree, and they may scratch and climb.
Do you have a kitten, which is worn around the house like a rocket, overthrowing everything that comes his way? It’s almost like having a house a herd of wild animals in a stampede. Kitten – a hyperactive creature, which is boring and needs to release its energy. Try to make toys that will enthrall him.
Cats – experienced hunters and trophies for this feat belongs Tauzeru Scotland. He was entrusted with the responsibility of “solemn” protect his town from rodents; this cat killed 28,899 mice for 21 years of service.
The number of heart beats cat is from 110 to 140 times per minute. This is almost two times faster than the human heart.
The surface of the nose cat is unique to each cat. It’s like a human fingerprint.
Cat for life can give birth to more than 100 kittens. Persian cat in South Africa named Bluebell holds the record for the greatest number in the birth of kittens at a time, all of whom survived. Her record was 14 kittens.
Cats are very concerned about hygiene and cleanliness. They spend 30% of their waking hours to care for themselves.
After a day of no surprise that a cat to sleep 16 hours a day! For example, a seven-year kitten had only 2 years of his life in the wake. Kittens are known to start sleeping a week after birth. We can not blame our cats is that they love to sleep!
In the market there is no cat food food with flavor mouse as cats, where such food was tested refused to eat it.
It is believed that the ancient Egyptians shaved their eyebrows in mourning when their cats died.

Each year, Americans spend about $ 4 billion on food for cats. That’s more than they spend on baby food! Of course, we love our animals.

Cats are independent and funny creatures that are excellent pets for people. They are friendly and affectionate, and are known to be able to understand the mood of its owner. Although sometimes they may require a cozy inglenook, they will always be there when you feel bad.


Cats & Dogs. Who is better?


You’d better keep the dog as a pet or a cat? Here you will find a good comparison of the two pets. Although dogs and cats can be excellent pets, dogs tend to be more popular among people. I personally do not understand this, because cats are so cute and adorable, and they do not scare you, barking, and some cats very rarely meow. But I guess it all boils down to someone’s preference. There are some very special reasons why the cat hater could easily be turned into a cat lover. These beings were treated rudely since the Middle Ages, when they were considered the perfect companion for witches and wizards. The funny thing about black cats that and now people are still afraid of them, knowing that they will bring them bad luck.

However, they can be very beautiful, with a silky, dark hair and bright green eyes. And if you have a pet, it’s a great way to check out your friends and neighbors at the level of belief in superstitions on special occasions such as Halloween. Although dogs are considered man’s best friends, due to their presumed loyal nature, cats are even more loyal, if you think that they do not meet strangers as well as owners. In fact, they are loyal strictly to those who raised them, cared for them and showed affection. They are seen as independent and distrustful, while in fact they are reliable, given the fact that they immediately run away and hide themselves, if you are not their master. Thus, they are somewhat wiser dogs.

Among other cats can also be very clever animals. They can be very fun for the owners, unlike fish, hamsters, turtles and guinea pigs. If they have a toy, they will not get bored, and they may feel very happy if you join their joyful game. Most people would agree that cats are simply incredibly cute in everything that they do, how they sleep, play with his toys, funny spinning, jumping, etc. For those who live or in a village or in the city, but in the house and not in the apartment, possession of a cat is really great, because this animal can catch mice and insects, and therefore requires very little human attention. And, of course, they are not likely to give up milk when they offer it. Unlike dogs, who need a lot of care and special food in order to make them look healthy and beautiful, cats require little spending.

All that is needed for them – it’s a tray to be cleaned almost every day, for a bowl of food, a few toys, and if you really insist on good care of your pet, brush wool. Cats really do not need to bathe very often, despite the fact that many owners feel obliged to bathe pets, applied to them spray, perfume, and so on. Some cat owners even bathe them only once every few months, because cats do take care of their personal hygiene. As for the dogs, they are not so easy to care for, and they require a lot of expenses. The dog also need to bathe regularly and to walk at least twice a day, so it is ideal for retired people who have a lot of free time.

Dogs, of course, can be wonderful companions, as they adapt to the daily routine of their respective owners, known for their spirit of self-sacrifice, which makes them “man’s best friend.” Many people do not like cats because they think they are self-centered and express fake love and devotion. In my opinion, cats really honest animals. When they are hungry, they honestly ask for food when they do not like something, they go out of the room. The fact that dogs are more obedient than cats, which are usually very self-sufficient. If you want to be friends with your favorite cat, you should “respect her personality.” Despite their reputation as selfish animals, cats may show expressions of love and gratitude to the people. They feel sad when their owners leave the house for a long time and show genuine joy at the return of their owners.