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5 Basic Facts about Dog Nutrition

nutrition for dogs

Dogs are like people in certain ways. And one of these ways is in matters concerning the need for nutrition. Dogs need to eat just like people do. But this doesn’t mean they need to eat just like people do! (You caught that, right?) Dogs must be fed to realize their health. Like people, dogs can become obese. Canines, like individuals, can get cancer. People can dramatically increase their chances of NOT becoming obese through the consuming of a suitable diet or getting cancer. The same principle is true for dogs.

Let’s look at a few important, key nutrition and dietary methods for your dog.

Your dog doesn’t need dog food made from ingredients such as corn meal gluten or soybeans. In fact beings must minimize our intake of that sort of food product. It’s even worse for canines to receive that kind of so-called “nourishment”. Purina Puppy Chow and things like that’s fine for puppies, but once your dog turns one in those years, it is time for the high protein diet-for the remainder of his life. Meat, eggs, fish are the foods to give your dog. (Either “people food” or wet dog food made from these things will do.) Dog biscuits are fine as treats, but read the ingredients keep away from giving dog biscuits that contain corn or soy meal and labels. (That is somewhat hard.)

If you’d like more information on ingredients which are, or may not be ok to feed your dog, you can find this information for free just by checking out dog blogs. Though just be aware that information given about dog nutrition, though often sourced from people very knowledgable on this topic, is not coming from license vets.

Key Points about Dog Nutrition

*Although I stated that dog biscuits are fine as treats, don’t overdo the treating. One or two biscuits daily equals plenty enough. For human beings to remain optimally fit we need to keep the sweets.

*Although it may be a good deal of fun don’t feed your dog cookies or individual sweets. Alright, feeding your dog cookies is fun, and as long as it is kept at a level like that, feeding the dog sweets is benign. When you do feed the dog the human treat, try to make it one that contains a fantastic amount of fiber. Don’t feed your puppy cake, if you don’t believe a puppy is desired to have around.

*Dog foods come with labels that indicate the portion size relative to your dog’s size. Take these labels seriously, so you aren’t over-feeding (or under-feeding) your puppy. You don’t want a glutton. You don’t want the Tawny Scrawny Lion.

*Don’t get into the habit of feeding your dog your people food leftovers all. If you’ve got bones (not chicken bones nor fish bones) left over, give them to a dog in his bowl. If you have some fat that you cut from your beef, give this. But don’t give your puppy Sloppy Joe leftovers, and don’t let your kids give their broccoli that is undesirable to the canine. These foods are not optimally healthy for dogs, plus feeding them to your own dog breeds a habit of begging at the dinner table-which should be a no-no.