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Destructiveness or Teething: Diagnosing Your Dogs Excessive Chewing

There’s nothing more disappointing than walking in the house and seeing your favorite pair of shoes somewhere they shouldn’t be – in your dog’s mouth. Hopefully, this is the only item the dog got a hold of while you were away. Your first instinct might be to discipline your dog, but before you do that, it’s important for you to understand why your dog is chewing on things in the first place.

While all dogs and puppies go through chewing phases, it’s important for pet owners to remember that this behavior is, in fact, natural. Chewing help dogs clean their teeth and keep their gums healthy, and is also a way to relieve stress, anxiety, and frustration – like a therapy session. Nonetheless, chewing the wrong household items can be extremely harmful to the dog and result in chipped teeth, infected gums, or blockage in the windpipe, stopping them from breathing.

So, “Why does my dog chew on everything in sight?” is a great question that doesn’t necessarily have a black and white answer. But if you’re tired of finding your shoes covered in saliva and picking up pieces of fabric, sit back, relax, and consider the following problems your furry friend could be going through:

Separation Anxiety

When it comes to dogs and their bad habits, most complaints from pet owners occurs when the animal is left in the house alone. Experts have labeled this behavior as separation anxiety. Dogs don’t understand why their owners leave the house all day to go to work, they just know it makes them sad.

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How Pets Can Save You From Stress

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Imagine coming home after a long tiring day only to be greeted with wet, sloppy kisses. Just a mere thought of this instance fires your dopamine level sky-high, doesn’t it? For pet lovers this is one of the highlight from their day, after all it is incredibly comforting. Not to mention many people believe that interacting with pets is the ultimate antidote for a stressful day.

Factually speaking, a study was conducted to observe people under stressful tasks in different situations. In the first situation people were placed alone, in the second they were accompanied by their spouse, in the third one with their pet and lastly they were tested in the company of their spouse and pet.

Guess what? The result of study reports revealed that the individuals experienced the lowest level of stress and the quickest recovery in the situation where they were accompanied only by their pet.

The chaos of the everyday schedule pushes you to over exert yourself and during such situations, even a brief encounter with pets can create improvements. The stronger is the bond between the pet and its owner, the more impactful their interaction will be and greater is the stress relief.

Don’t believe it? Then you must read this article. It is written with the intention of showing the reader how pets free us from the clutches of stress.