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10 Best Guard Dogs to Have

A guard dog, as the name suggests, is used to guard against unexpected people or animals. In case you are considering buying a dog to protect your family or property. There are many dogs, which have the natural ability to act as guard dogs. They are fearless, alert, quite responsive to the training and loyal.

Choose a dog that will become both your companion and protector. Being obedient, displaying sense of loyalty towards your family and showing some instinctual protective behavior are signs of a good guard dog. Training your dog adequately will help develop and intensify the protective trait of a guard dog.

With proper training and certain qualities almost any dog breed can become an effective protector. However, there are few dog breeds that make good guard dogs. They have possessed these guard dog traits, due to careful breeding over years.

So, we have put together a list of these breeds that have a natural ability to protect…