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Pets Do Their Own Pest Control

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When we think of pest control, we often associate it with pesticides and chemicals being sprayed round. Or maybe the use of mouse traps and bait to get rid of the pest problem. Most pest control treatments involve the inspection, extermination and aftercare for the entire pest infestation.

But in our modern world more and more of us are turning to the more natural methods. The methods that don’t involve chemicals or even the killing of any pests.

This is where your pets could come in handy. They could do the dirty work for you. Think about your pets. Animals like cats, dogs and birds are instinctive predators, who will happily sniff out a rodent problem and can even be trained to detect insects too.

Having your pets doing your pest control won’t be a complete control method to a pest infestation. However if you are trying to do your own pest control in an area like Hornchurch that has a lot of rodents, your pets can definitely help you to keep the population of mice down.

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10 Mistakes Doing Pest Control Around Pets

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Pets are a huge part of our family, so it’s really important that we protect them against pests. Our pets are in danger when it comes to pests, because of the infections they can transmit. It’s also dangerous to do certain types of pest control around pests.

Here are 10 of the most common mistakes you don’t want to make when you do pest control around your pets.

Just because you can’t see them, doesn’t mean they’re not there – Don’t ignore the signs of pests. A very common mistake is thinking there aren’t any pests just because you can’t seem them.

Steps to Take

Don’t use pest repellent on them – Spraying your pet with human pest repellent can be really harmful. It’s can poison them, and leave them very ill. The main component of these sprays is citronella, a substance which causes breathing problems in animals.